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Having Trouble with AI?

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The Solution to All Your AI-related Problems Is Here.

AI experts at Tokyo Techies will help you develop quality AI systems for smart, cutting-edge products. Tokyo Techies can realize your idea for a brand new AI-based product, or upgrade existing ones with powerful AI features that can take your product to the next level.
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Don’t plan to use AI? Think again!
AI can increase business productivity by up to 40%
Investment in AI startups grew 6 times since 2000
The global AI market is predicted to reach a $190.61 billion market value in 2025
Source: Accenture, Forbes, Semrush
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Our AI Services


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A method of converting the text present in digital form such as images or scanned documents to a machine-readable format that can later be edited, searched, and can be used for further processing.
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    Converting printed documents into editable versions
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    Recognizing text, such as license plates, receipts, or credit cards
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    Information retrieval and automatic data entry
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    Placing important, signed legal documents into an electronic database

Pose Estimation

Pose estimation is a class of technologies that allow to detect, predict and track the position in space of a person or object in an image or video.
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    Behavior analysis to detect crowd and individual patterns
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    Posture coaching to help with sport performance and physical rehabilitation
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    Augmented reality to enhance viewer experience and help communication
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    Motion control to transform all or part of your body in a controller
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Facial Detection & Recognition

Facial recognition technology consists of detecting and identifying human faces and some of its characteristics in an image or a video.
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    Person identification for secure authentication or scam detection
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    Personalized product recommendation to the user
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    Detect health conditions and help medical facilities run smoothly
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    Help people communicate and keep contact
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Industry Verticals

Medical and Healthcare


Hospitality, Hotels




Retail & E-commerce






Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness



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Development Flow

1. Data Preparation
The most time-consuming but perhaps the most important part of the process, high volumes of comprehensive and accurate data will need to be prepared to train a model properly.
2. AI Modeling
The goal of this stage is to make a robust, accurate model that can make intelligent predictions based on the data. This is where we bring deep learning, machine learning, or a combination of both to decide which will be the best model for the most accurate, robust result.
3. Testing & Validation
AI models must work seamlessly within the larger system and all its other elements. At this stage, our engineers ensure the model’s overall accuracy and performance through testing.
4. Deployment
After the model has been successfully tested, it will be fit into the designated hardware environment — ranging from desktops, cloud, to FPGAs.
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