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3 Reasons Good UI/UX Design Is Crucial To Your Business
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Alisha Widianti

The Fight for User Attention

With many businesses fighting to stand out and gain an online presence, you can’t afford to bore people. The average user attention span in 2022 is 8 seconds, according to recent studies by Microsoft. In a digital world where businesses are fighting to get everyone’s attention, how do you get your users to stay?

Good user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design are among the best ways to get your customers to stay focused on your product. Whether it’s a digital product or a service, good UI/UX design, when done right, can bring you massive returns and value tenfold from what your business initially invested. Why? Because good design is good business. 

Let’s try putting ourselves in the user’s perspective:

What if you see an attractive website that is challenging to navigate? 

What if you see a unique service, but they fail to showcase its benefits to users on its site? 


Now that we have put it that way, it’s easy to understand why good design across all your digital products or services is essential. 

Before we drive off talking about why and how good UI/UX design matters, let’s first understand what constitutes UI/UX design. 

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What is UI and UX Design? 

UI Design, also known as user interface design, focuses on the interactions between your users and interfaces in your software or computerized devices. Your UI designers are in charge of creating a top-notch visual interface using a combination of typography, colors, buttons, animations, and imagery that are pleasing to the eye and easy for users to navigate through to complete their tasks. Think of a product's “look, " “feel,” and any visual touchpoints a user may experience. 

Meanwhile, UX Design or user experience design focuses on the user's overall interactions with a product or service, not limited to their interactions with interfaces. For example, UX designers think about a potential or current user’s interaction with a banking app from its first contact to its last. Rather than creating interfaces, UX designers develop structural design solutions to solve users’ pain points. 

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Why is good UI/UX Design important? 

It doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic website or app if nobody wants it or uses it. In 10 years, companies with excellent UI/UX design would have outperformed companies with poor design by 228% on the Stock Market Index, according to Design Management Institute. If that statistic wasn’t enough to convince you how good design drives revenue and business value, here are three reasons why good UI/UX design matters to your business. 

1. Fosters customer loyalty

Good UI/UX design keeps your users coming back again and again. In a world full of digital products, from apps to websites, we tend to stay with what works for us. Why spend so much time looking for others if you already know one that works well? Indeed, excellent UI/UX design helps you retain long-term customers. If you satisfy your users with your product’s UI/UX design, they are more likely to stay. 

73% of customers say that a good experience with a product is vital in influencing their brand loyalties, according to a study conducted by PwC. Indeed, creating returning customers is more beneficial for any business than spending time and financial resources wisely acquiring new customers. Think of how Apple leverages the design and keeps their customers returning for more thanks to their aesthetic product design. 

Good UI/UX design will, most importantly, influence your digital product or website’s retention and engagement rates, impacting your bounce rate. UI design is more than pleasing the user’s eyes. UI design also has to make it easier for your users to complete their actions. A simple UI design that works is reliable; users like to stick to a reliable source instead of going from one website to another. 

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2. Increase brand recognition

Behind a successful company lies a distinctive background and story. UI/UX design can help you visually bring your business story to life for your users; especially through UI design. Since UI design includes more visual elements such as logos, brand colors, typography, animations, and illustrations, these elements play a vital role in brand promotion and recognition. Why? Because images, colors, and fonts can help trigger your customer’s associations with your product. 

Besides, poorly designed user interfaces may drive your users away from your digital product. Notably, inconsistent colors or typography in your digital product will confuse your audience. Being consistent in your design helps facilitate brand recognition, but it’ll also help attract future customers. Ultimately, UI/UX design helps build your company’s brand image and differentiates your business from your competitors. 

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3. Improve customer acquisition

One of the metrics you can measure to see the impact of your design on your revenue is conversion rate. Many studies have reported that good UI design can increase conversion rates up to 200%, while good UX design can increase your conversion rate by up to 400%, according to Forrester Research, a research and advisory firm. Great user interface design with excellent user experience can help acquire new customer prospects. If your digital product is a well-built UI and UX design, your customers are more likely to trust you with sensitive details like phone numbers and work emails. 

Page loading time impacts users’ experience across the web. HubSpot reports that each second of waiting causes a 4.42% loss in conversion rates. A 2019 research by Unbounce reported that 45% of users are less likely to purchase on your site if they had to wait longer than expected. Your users will abandon their transactions and fulfill their needs elsewhere if they find your digital product difficult. 

Good UI/UX design brings a sense of security.  If your digital product has a smooth UI/UX design, your users will eventually spread the word to other customers. Your website or your app can come up in random conversations, and you’ll get more recognition and awareness from new customers. Most of all, good UI/UX design reduces the probability your users will go to other websites to fulfill their needs. 

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