Basic Policies for Information Security

Basic Philosophy

Tokyo Techies Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) conducts business based on the corporate philosophy of “Unlocking Japanese companies’ growth potential by providing them with one-stop R&D support to turn their business ideas into working products”.

Information assets such as customer information handled in our business are extremely important and the company views the proper management and maintenance of the security of information assets as a critical and ongoing responsibility in the pursuit of the company’s business activities.

All members of the company strive to achieve the goal of reliably protecting the confidentiality, completeness, and availability of information assets against threats (unauthorized access, leaks, alteration, loss, destruction, denial of use, etc.) and to ensure that information assets are safely and appropriately managed and applied.

Basic Policy


In order to protect information assets, the company has formulated an information security policy and regulations related to it. The company will operate in accordance with it, and will comply with laws, regulations and other norms related to information security, as well as the terms stipulated in contracts with customers.


The company will clarify the criterias for analyzing and evaluating the risks of leakage, damage, loss, etc. related to information assets, establish a systematic risk assessment method, and carry out risk assessment on a regular basis. In addition, based on the results, the company will implement necessary and appropriate security measures.


The company will establish an ISMS framework that includes the appointment of ISMS officers with clearly defined authority and responsibilities related to information security. In addition, the Company will regularly conduct information security education and training activities for all executives and employees in an effort to emphasize the proper handling of information assets.


The company will regularly inspect and audit the status of compliance with the information security policy and the handling of information assets, and promptly take corrective action for any deficiencies, irregularities or improvement items found.


In addition to taking appropriate measures against the occurrence of information security events and incidents, taking into consideration the unlikely event that they do occur, the company will establish a response procedure in advance to minimize damage, and promptly respond and take appropriate corrective action. In particular, for incidents related to business interruption, the company will establish a management framework and regularly review it to ensure the continuity of our business.


The company will establish an information security management system that sets goals to realize the basic philosophy of the company, implement it, and continuously review and improve it.

January 1, 2022
Tokyo Techies Corp.
Duc Doba, CEO

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