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Member Interview|Sales Yoshinori Agata
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Sanae Yoshida

Meet our sales representative as he shares insights into his daily work, the challenges, and allure of the sales profession! 

While sales roles are often associated with tough quotas and a rugged image, discover how we approach sales at Tokyo Techies. 

Agata transitioned from the trading industry to IT, now engaging with clients both domestically and internationally in bilingual sales. Dive into this interview showcasing teamwork and dedication in action.

Q. Hi Agata-san! Could you provide a summary of your career background?

A. Before working at Tokyo Techies, I previously worked at a trading company and was involved in all aspects of the procurement process, including sourcing from both domestic and international markets, sales, and trade procedures.

Q. What prompted you to transition to the IT industry?

A. I became interested in how major IT companies achieve success (and amass vast wealth 😉),, prompting me to take a leap into the IT industry. Coincidentally, around the same time, I was introduced to Tokyo Techies through acquaintances from my previous job, leading me to where I am now.

Q. What are your main responsibilities in Tokyo Techies?

A. As a Sales Representative, I primarily handle all aspects of the sales funnel, from responding to and proposing solutions for new sales leads generated from marketing efforts to contract negotiations. Our sales team, consisting of the CEO, COO, directors, and myself, collectively work on acquiring new business opportunities. I also handle communication with existing clients and post-contract follow-ups. Additionally, I also participate in internal and external events that boost brand awareness of Tokyo Techies’ IT consulting services and our SaaS product, Klever Suite. 

He sometimes participate as a speaker in seminars organized by Tokyo Techies and other events

Q. There’s a general perception that sales is a tough role. What aspects of your work do you find challenging, and what aspects do you find enjoyable? 

A. The challenge in sales lies in working with diverse clientele, which requires different approaches for sales pitches. However, what I find enjoyable in my role is the teamwork aspect. While adapting to the different customers in the IT industry has its own challenges, the collaborative environment at Tokyo Techies is incredibly rewarding. We constantly strive to achieve our sales targets, not only as a sales team but also as a unified company. This sense of teamwork fosters both personal and professional growth, which I find immensely fulfilling.

Sales team

Q: What kind of future team member would you like to work together with? 

I enjoy working with proactive individuals who actively contribute to improving our workplace environment. When faced with challenges or areas for improvement, I appreciate colleagues who take initiative and work together to create positive change.

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