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Knowledge Sharing: All You Need to Know and How to Manage It
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

The collective knowledge of your entire team is one of your most vital assets. But knowledge can become collective only when it is shared, and knowledge is more powerful when shared with others. 

As an IT training school before our big pivot to consulting, we've seen firsthand how knowledge empowers people and transforms lives. Sharing knowledge across your teams builds collective knowledge, fosters growth, and learning culture, engages your teams, and retains knowledge for personal development – making it crucial to your success.

But before fully diving into the many merits of knowledge sharing, having the right platform to save and share collective knowledge and information is also equally vital.

The point of knowledge sharing isn't the company-wide presentation or meeting you'll forget in a day – it's the recorded and stored output that your teams can easily access when they need to. We need a place to save, share, and seek collective knowledge and information. 

Connecting your teams to a knowledge base is essential – as it brings all the crucial shared details together in one place. Thanks to digital workspace tools like Klever Suite, saving, sharing, and searching for collective knowledge is accessible.

Now, without further ado, let's dive into the five benefits of knowledge sharing!

Build collective knowledge

A lot of employees possess knowledge that is valuable to their colleagues. When employees with more excellent expertise share what they know with others, that knowledge becomes an advantage. Everyone on the team gains a piece of collective information. Sharing knowledge with colleagues builds a collective understanding, empowering everyone to work better.

Fostering young talents’ growth

At Tokyo Techies, knowledge sharing is a part of our culture. From design knowledge sessions to AI knowledge sessions, every department in Tokyo Techies has its knowledge-sharing session that any Techie can join. Knowledge sharing centralizes collective information within our organization, helping our junior talents expand their knowledge.

One of the sessions we regularly hold is a project management knowledge session. Every week our junior Techies learn directly from our team leads, who all have a plethora of experience managing multiple projects. Aside from these sessions, we also ensure procedural information and resources are widely available and accessible to all our Techies from our digital workspace, Klever Suite.

Establish a community & learning culture 

Learning from each other and sharing knowledge creates a sense of community within any organization–especially when the knowledge you share helps someone else at work. You'd know if you succeeded in creating a learning culture in your teams when everyone is experiencing and feeling the benefits of knowledge-sharing sessions themselves.

Engaging your remote team members

Conducting online knowledge-sharing activities can also help engage your remote team members to your teams and help them feel connected with their colleagues. Once your teams see the value and results of knowledge sharing, the results speak for themselves. As a result, everyone becomes more productive and stronger professionals.

Retain knowledge

Why constantly reinvent the wheel when best practices exist? Sharing knowledge and best practices with your colleagues saves everyone's time. Likewise, your teams can make faster decisions by leveraging your best practices and readily available information.

In turn, you also help retain valuable knowledge within your team, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Maintaining and keeping that knowledge in-house helps everyone become more effective and productive at work.

Knowledge management made easy

Now that we've discussed the merits of knowledge sharing, how do you manage and keep track of your existing and newfound knowledge? How can your organization organize its knowledge docs to make them accessible to everyone?

One of the ways you can manage knowledge-sharing content is to store them in a digital workspace so that any of your teams can access that information. Klever Suite, our all-in-one productivity software solution, helps make sharing content and teamwork easier. Klever Suite comes with three core apps, Klever Wiki, Klever Project, and Klever ToDo, packed with all the features your teams need to achieve their goals.

Klever Wiki, our content management app, organizes all kinds of documents in one place, including your knowledge-sharing materials! Klever Wiki makes information readily available and accessible to your teams whenever needed, helping teams boost their productivity anywhere and everywhere.

With Klever Wiki, you can save time by storing content in one place instead of multiple locations for different purposes. You can organize internal company documents, knowledge-sharing meeting notes, How To guides, and more. Also, you can manage everyone's access clearances to your knowledge-sharing documents according to their roles.

Organize all your content in one space with Klever Wiki – Try for free today!

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