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Member Interview| HR/Admin Sanae Yoshida
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Alisha Widianti

Are you considering a career change? Meet Sanae, a HR/Admin  at Tokyo Techies, who transitioned from sales to administration before finding their niche in HR. Their journey showcases the company's vibrant culture and growth opportunities. Join Tokyo Techies and shape your career path today!

Q. What motivated you to join Tokyo Techies?

A.  I was drawn to the enjoyable work environment and the opportunity to use English in my job.

I became interested in Tokyo Techies after seeing a friend who worked at the company talk enthusiastically about their work. Later, I attended a party hosted by Duc, the CEO of Tokyo Techies, where I had the chance to directly interact with the Tokyo Techies employees in a casual setting and I was really interested in the relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Aside from this, I’ve always wanted to use English in my work, and because the majority of the team were foreign staff at the time, I thought it might be a good chance to fulfill this aspiration of mine. Even before a job listing was posted, I reached out through my friend to see if they would consider my resume for a general affairs and HR position. After a series of interviews later, I happily received an offer, which led me to joining the company.

Q. How have you grown at Tokyo Techies?

A. After getting accustomed to my main role, I began taking on a wide range of other responsibilities.

When I first joined Tokyo Techies, I started with tasks like managing supplies and handling email correspondence with job applicants. Gradually, I was able to take on more significant tasks like managing the entire hiring process, supporting the training of new employees, and conducting interviews. Since Tokyo Techies is a growing company with around 30 employees, there aren't that many tasks in general affairs and HR, so I've been supporting other teams with tasks like marketing, accounting, and sales during my free time.

From the end of last year, I've also started handling tasks like legal affairs and acting as the CEO's executive assistant. It’s been an interesting learning experience to see the day-to-day routine of our CEO and working together with professionals outside of the company. 

Q. What are your career goals?

A. I aim to refine my expertise in HR and become a professional capable of thriving in rapidly changing times.

As a HR professional who’s able to handle payroll tasks, I aim to further hone my skills in human resources management and become the kind of professional that always stays ahead of the curve in the field of HR, especially with the recent advancements in technology such as AI.

With AI, there’s also a prediction that areas like general affairs, HR, and accounting will be replaced by AI to a degree, which is rather worrisome. However, I do believe that there are some areas that AI cannot fully replace–which makes it even more important to work on upskilling myself on skills that are difficult for AI to replace.

Q. What makes working at Tokyo Techies enjoyable? 

A. The autonomy to take initiative and work proactively

Tokyo Techies has the kind of work environment where each employee has the freedom to take proactive initiatives in their work. If you’re someone who enjoys actively contributing ideas and improvements in your day-to-day work, even if you just joined the team, Tokyo Techies's open corporate culture is undoubtedly an ideal workplace environment for you. 

Thank you Sanae! Finally, what do you think who would be an ideal candidate to work at Tokyo Techies?

- Those who are proactive and likes to take on new initiatives

- Those who are not resistant to change and eager to try new things

- Those who prefer open communication and are proactive in expressing their opinions

Are you ready to grow your career at Tokyo Techies? Join us today and embark on a fulfilling career journey tailored to your unique strengths and aspirations.

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