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Tokyo Techies Donates to Food Bank Second Harvest Japan
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Alisha Widianti

The COVID-19 pandemic, the yen’s rapid weakening, and soaring food prices have all thrown unprecedented challenges to vulnerable communities in Japan living in poverty. Japan is seeing unprecedented price hikes for 6,500 food products in October, according to market research firm Teitoku Databank. Consequently, more and more vulnerable communities are growing hungrier and seeking food aid, posing a threat to Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty and Zero Hunger. 

Tokyo Techies Food Bank Donations

On November 22nd 2022, Tokyo Techies donated food to Second Harvest, Japan’s first food bank organization, to help the affected communities and ensure that everyone continues to have food on their tables no matter what. This activity is a part of Tokyo Techies’ Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to help promote food security, end hunger, and reduce food waste;  following the SDGs as a framework for carrying out our CSR activities. 

Donated items by our Techies

Our Techies primarily gave food donations containing any surplus of preserved items that our Techies have not yet eaten and are edible. Following the specific requirements, our Techies  donated preserved food items such as rice, dried noodles, canned or instant foods, seasonings, confectionary and sweets, and beverages. Most of our donations to Second Harvest were given to people who cannot work because of various circumstances, refugees, single-parent and low-income families, children in orphanages, and the elderly. 

Though not directly, our Techies hope that our food donations could support the people affected by food shortages – no one deserves to not have access to safe and nutritious food. 

More of our Food Bank donations by our Techies

Our Techies preparing our Food Bank Donations to be sent to Second Harvest

Messages from our Techies

Our Techies with their Food Bank donations!

Here’s what several of our Techies had to say about their food bank donations;

For various reasons, many people in Japan are experiencing economic and social insecurity and difficulties and living in poverty. Especially due to the impact of COVID-19, the situation has become even more difficult in the last few years.  In developed countries, including Japan, the problem of food loss is one of the issues that must be solved. If more people and companies are interested in this issue, it will lead to a better society. 

-Jack Nagasaki, Senior IT Consultant

“Winter is coming, and I believe that having food on the table can help you go through the cold season with more energy. I chose to donate rice because rice is the staple food, is easy to cook, and everyone can easily enjoy it.” 

-Duy Cung, Frontend Engineer

“For my donation, I thought of donating the food my parents had overbought. Right when I thought it’d be hard to eat all the surplus food by myself, I was blessed with this opportunity to send food donations to Second Harvest by chance. I feel very grateful that I can be of help to those in need”

-Ayaka Tsubouchi, Frontend Engineer

Dhisha with her Food Bank donations to Second Harvest

“Everyone deserves to eat good food! I hope our donations can be of help to those affected” 

-Dhisha Stamboel, Product Design Lead

“I heard that some of the food bank recipients this time were in need of food items because of COVID-19. When I was selecting which food items I should donate, I tried to put myself in the shoes of those who were affected, people who are struggling to put food on the table because they can not work. I had the chance to reflect on the people who would be receiving our donations, whether I could cheer them up if they could eat something sweet and delicious.”

-Sanae Yoshida, HR/Admin

In light of our Techies’ messages regarding their donations, we hope that our donations was able to squash any anxiety or worries for those who fear for tomorrow’s meals. 

Tokyo Techies looks forward to making more food bank donations in the future and will continue to support the ongoing activities of Second Harvest and other food banks in Japan. 

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