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Unlocking Potential: Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program Empowers Students through Education
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

Education is the cornerstone for unlocking opportunities that helps shape a brighter future. Tokyo Techies believes that everyone, regardless of their identity, background, or financial circumstances, deserves a chance to fulfill their full potential and pursue their dreams. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new scholarship program, the Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program. 

Through this scholarship, we aim to support and empower the next generation of students, enabling them to pursue their educational aspirations and create a better future for themselves. Join us in our mission to make education accessible to all and create a world of limitless possibilities!

Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program: Paying it forward

When Duc Doba, CEO of Tokyo Techies, was a 2nd-year Computer Science student at the College of Technology at Vietnam National University of Hanoi in 2005, AXISSOFT, a Japanese corporation, awarded Duc a scholarship to study Japanese – eventually leading him to work in Japan – an opportunity that had a tremendous impact on his life and led to the inception of Tokyo Techies itself. 

Now, inspired by the power of giving, Duc is paying it forward and launching a similar scholarship program to support university students in their academic and professional growth back home in Vietnam. 

Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program, or TTSP, is a prestigious 2-year scholarship for six exceptional university students in Hanoi, Vietnam who are currently studying IT. This program provides students with financial assistance, personal development support and promotes cultural immersion in Japan. Through the scholarship, the recipients can also foster connections with prominent Japanese companies for their own future career prospects.

Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program is dedicated to full-time 2nd year or 3rd-year undergraduate students studying Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Computer Network at a university in Hanoi. The recipients will receive monthly financial support equivalent to ¥20,000 during the 2-year scholarship period and an internship opportunity at our sister company, Tokyo Tech Lab Vietnam, in Hanoi. 

The six recipients will also receive a Japanese language training course and additional job-hunting support in Vietnam and Japan upon their graduation. TTSP provides the recipient with valuable financial support, along with career mentorship and personal development opportunities throughout the entire scholarship period.

CEO Duc Doba with several members of the management team at College of Technology at the Vietnam National University of Hanoi.

In April, Duc and several of our team leads from Tokyo Techies traveled to Hanoi to specifically discuss the details of the scholarship program at Vietnam National University of Hanoi accompanied by Le Dao, CEO of Tokyo Tech Lab Vietnam and TT Lab Academy, and several other members of the management team as well. 

CEO of Tokyo Techies Duc Doba and CEO of Tokyo Tech Lab Le Dao with the Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program banner on display at the university.

Additionally, we also announced the launch of TTSP, in cooperation with the Department of Information Technology at Phenikaa University, at a special talk show event, "IT Engineer Consultant", featuring Duc and Le. The talk show event specifically focused on how the scholarship could facilitate future recipients to have greater access to learning and career opportunities at domestic and Japanese enterprises.

CEO of Tokyo Techies Duc and CEO of Tokyo Tech Lab and TTLab Academy with Phenikaa University students at the talk show event.

The launch of TTSP is also a part of our ongoing efforts to support Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Quality Education. By investing in the education of the next generation, Tokyo Techies is actively shaping a brighter and more promising future for generations to come. Our scholarship programs aim to uplift and support students who desire to learn, grow, and make a difference in the world, no matter where they come from or their financial background. TTSP is committed to breaking down barriers to higher education, ensuring everyone has equal access to pursue their academic dreams.

We are still accepting scholarship applications for all undergraduate 2nd or 3rd-year students in Hanoi studying computer science, software engineering, or computer networking - Deadline: July 15th 2023! 

Apply now to Tokyo Techies Scholarship Program and unlock your future potential!

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