Tokyo Techies Holds Klever Suite Launch Event at WeWork Iceberg Harajuku
September 15, 2023
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

On Thursday, August 24th, 2023, Tokyo Techies held its first Klever Suite event, “From Idea to Launch: Bootstrapped SaaS With Success”.

As part of the company’s efforts to commemorate the Klever Suite public launch on August 22nd, Tokyo Techies paid it forward to the tech community by sharing the story of how Tokyo Techies bootstrapped and built Klever Suite from the very ground up, along with the insights we discovered along the way. 

The event was held in person at WeWork Iceberg Harajuku, Tokyo. We kicked off the event with special introductions from the CEO of WeWork Japan, Johnny Yoo, and the CEO of Tokyo Techies, Duc Doba at the beginning of the event, before the main presentation delivered by the COO of Tokyo Techies, Ujjwal ‘UJ’ Mishra.

The event welcomed enthusiastic participants from various companies and roles, from tech entrepreneurs to designers and product managers. 

During the main presentation, UJ shared how the Tokyo Techies team could build and develop Klever Suite entirely from scratch without seeking external investors and funding. He shared how we could continuously work on Klever Suite while doing our consulting projects with other clients and several changes we made to Klever Suite before we decided on a productivity suite of three apps: Klever Project (project management), Klever Wiki (documentation management), and Klever ToDo (task management). 

The Q&A session saw several participants asking detailed questions to UJ and Tokyo Techies CEO Duc Doba about Klever Suite and the challenges of bootstrapping. The session was eventually extended longer than planned to accommodate all critical questions from the audience.

‍The event ended with an hour-long networking session. Tokyo Techies members and event participants mingled together while enjoying pizza and soft drinks served on the house, with complimentary beverages from WeWork Iceberg Harajuku. 

By holding this event, Tokyo Techies is committed to paying it forward in the tech community by sharing our product development insights and stories. 

Tokyo Techies looks forward to holding another Klever Suite-focused event in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned for more! 

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