Klever way to work, grow and succeed.

Klever Suite, powered by Odoo, is an integrated workspace where productive teams manage projects, organize tasks, and Wiki documents all at once.

Growing your business often comes with growing pains... 😥

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Growing your business doesn’t need to be painful. Manage all your projects, tasks, and documents in one space with Klever Suite. 💪🏼

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It’s never too late to get things done faster.

Move your team with speed in just one workspace.
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Meet Klever Suite

Team up without misalignments

Klever Wiki

No more confusions. Organize and share your documents in-real time.
Connect your teams together with a single knowledge base.
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Move work forward

Klever Project

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a team of one,
run your projects seamlessly with a Kanban board suited to your workflow.

Stay Klever. Stay Organized.

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Klever ToDo

Manage and keep track of your day-to-day tasks,
so you never miss a beat in your productive life.
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Klever Suite doesn’t stop
with productivity tools

More is coming...

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There’s more Klever Suite tools to help you and your teams work coming your way soon.
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Work Smart with
Klever Features

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Experience intuitive design that works the way you expect from any device.

Developer friendly

No more painful data management. Develop beautiful apps fast with Klever Suite’s Rest APIs and elegant front-end framework.
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Quality without compromise

With frequent improvements pushed to production, Klever Suite is continuously improved to ensure high performance, high security, and top-notch user satisfaction.
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Competitive pricing

No additional plugins needed. Klever Suite has all the core features you need to accomplish more without soaring monthly costs.
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Technologies Used

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Ready to grow?

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