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CSR: Tokyo Techies Headed to the Beach to Celebrate its 6th Anniversary! 🌊
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

On September 10th, 2023, Tokyo Techies went to Chigasaki Beach to participate in a beach cleanup!

This year, our 6th-anniversary celebration was more than just a celebration with food, drinks, and games. It was the first time the Tokyo Techies team did a CSR activity to celebrate our company anniversary, which made the event all the more special.

CSR activities have always been important to Tokyo Techies. These activities allow us to positively impact ongoing social issues directly, give back to the community, bring our teams together, and strengthen our bond with our environment. In the past, Tokyo Techies has been involved in various CSR activities, such as donating food to food banks, establishing a scholarship program, and participating in refugee support events.  

Talking about the beach clean-up event at Chigasaki, our team noticed how the beach looked relatively clean from a distance, according to our team members. As we walked closer to the beach and saw the sand with our own eyes, our teammates noticed the plastic waste that washed up from the sea. There was plastic waste in various colors spread across the beach.  

The team members worked hard to find as much plastic waste and other trash as possible from the sand to reduce the amount of trash potentially ingested by marine life. In addition to plastic waste, the rest of the team members also picked up cigarettes, plastic bottle caps, films, and other trash, such as medicine packaging. The garbage the team found had flowed from the city center to the river, then to the ocean, and back to the beach.

After picking up trash, the Tokyo Techies team also participated in a mini-game event of collecting plastic waste and participating in the photo session. 

We would also like to thank the event organizers, Shonan Ukibui (湘南ウキブイ), for organizing this activity, who have consistently ranked beach cleanup activities for the last 18 years. 

We’re looking forward to participating in more CSR activities, such as beach cleanups, and more in the future. 

Here are some messages from our Techies who joined our beach cleanup activity!

Messages from our Techies

Hailing from Southeast Asia, I had never considered plastic waste a concern in Japan. Joining the beach cleanup session raised my awareness about this issue and made the experience enjoyable with other Techies.

- Dhisha, Product Designer.

It’s so easy to take things in life for granted, including our environment and marine life. Participating in this beach cleanup activity was moving because it helped me step back from my life bubble and, again, be reminded that we’re part of a larger community: Earth and our duty to take care of it, including our beaches. I’m looking forward to our next beach cleanup with the rest of the team next year!

- Alisha, Marketing Representative

Participating in the beach cleanup with Tokyo Techies at Chigasaki Beach was a fulfilling experience. Seeing our team come together for a common cause, positively impacting the environment, was heartwarming. The beach looked cleaner, reminding me of the importance of community and environmental responsibility. Let's continue to make a difference together! 🌊🌿

- TA, Software Engineer

Participating in the beach cleanup at Chigasaki Headland Beach was a powerful reminder of the positive change that collective action can bring. We joined forces to collect everything from big debris to micro trash, symbolizing the impact that even small efforts can have on our environment. This experience underscores the importance of unity, respect for nature, and the ongoing commitment needed to protect our planet's beauty and biodiversity

- Linh, AI Engineer

It was an inspiring experience. This activity is meaningful to the team, as it brings awareness of how we can be a better part of the community and the nature surrounding us. Tokyo Techies can have more similar events like this in the future!

- Duy, Software Engineer

We occasionally found unexpected trash on the beach, which shouldn’t have been there. These items travel from the city through rivers and return to the shore. Witnessing how everyday garbage can spread so far gave us a new perspective on the trash issue. Big thanks to #ShonanUkibui for their 18 years of dedication.

- Sanae, HR/Admin

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