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CSR: Making each step count in the 8th DAN DAN RUN Refugee Charity Event!
Written by:
Tokio Hamamoto

On May 21st 2023, Tokyo Techies took part in the "8th DAN DAN RUN" charity event organized by the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR) as part of our CSR activities!

This event was organized to spread awareness about the refugee situation in Japan and to offer support through donations and participation fees.

In this event, six of our team members, including our young and fresh intern, participated in the 10km running event. Good exercise and breaking sweat together was a great way for the Techies to bond outside of work, and for good a cause. We were all able to have a great time!

This charity event was more than just about running. We were able to listen to speeches about refugees and our Techies were able to offer their support through making donations such as clothing and food.

We hope that our small actions can bring peace of mind to those in need.

Although the term "refugees" is not explicitly mentioned in the SDG’s, goals such as Goal 10: "Reduced Inequalities" and Goal 16: "Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions" are closely related to the refugee issue.

In Japan, once recognized as a refugee, individuals are granted a residence status, valid for five years, with the possibility of obtaining permanent residency if they meet the legal requirements. However, those in the process of seeking refugee status face unstable living conditions without sufficient support. Some individuals are granted permission to work during their application period, but their residence status is limited to six months (with the possibility of extension), making it challenging for them to secure stable employment.

We will continue to actively engage in activities that provide support to individuals in such situations, aiming to bring them a sense of security and to help them lead a safe and happy life.

At Tokyo Techies, we have been engaged in various CSR activities such as career seminars for university students, providing donations to food banks, and creating a scholarship program for university students. Moving forward, we aim to go beyond national borders and strive for international contributions by actively engaging in community service and addressing social issues.

Visit our CSR page to learn more about our CSR initiatives!

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