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Penetration Testing

Tokyo Techies can audit your systems with a
penetration test, a simulated cyberattack on a system to spot and fix possible vulnerabilities.
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Desktop software
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Embedded devices
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Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing

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Cross-site scripting
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Access control issues
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SQL Injection
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Privilege extension
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Cross-site request forgery
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Problems related to file upload
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CRLF injection
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Problems caused by business logic
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Path traversal
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Buffer overflow
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Session fixation
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Format string attack
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Weak password policy
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Code injection
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Incomplete password reset
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Incident Response

Tokyo Techies offers complete support in cyber incident investigation, recovery, and prevention.

In the event of a cyber incident, Tokyo Techies offers complete support in investigating the breach, recovery of data, and building a proper incident response plan to prevent future incidents.
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Secure Cloud Infrastructure Design

Not sure how to construct a secure cloud infrastructure for a new service? Tokyo Techies can help analyze your new service’s specifications and design the right infrastructure that would meet the service requirements.

Tokyo Techies can also help to analyze your existing cloud system and build an action plan to reconstruct the system without breaking its existing behavior. We can also optimize the running cost/performance while enhancing the security level of the cloud.
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Common Issues


Existing cloud infrastructure has security issues or requires hire running cost.
  • Analyzing the existing cloud infrastructure
  • Then build an action plan to reconstruct the system without breaking existing its behavior
  • Optimize the running cost/performance while enhancing the security level


You are not sure how to construct a scalable and secure infrastructure for a new service
  • Analyzing your new service’s specifications
  • Designing a secure infrastructure that meets your requirements
  • For instance:
    • Setup secure Development environment
    • Setup secure CI/CD pipeline
    • Reduce all possible attack surfaces right from design phase

Incident Response Process

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Comprehensive Breach Investigation

Using the latest digital forensic techniques and reverse engineering, Tokyo Techies can identify the attack source, spread, and single out the systems and data affected in the breach.

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Incident Reporting and Recovery

Based on a thorough investigation, our team can effectively communicate the effects of the breach and assist with short-term and long-term remedies,  to help you resume normal business operations.

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Post-Incident Support

Based on the investigation results of the breach, we can help you prepare better to prevent any similar breaches in the future.

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