Cybereason wanted to revolutionize security by creating SIEM Detection and Response (SDR), a unified platform that consolidates relevant data across enterprises, making cyber threats more visible and observable to reduce time for security analysts to detect and investigate cyber attacks. As their reliable IT partner, Tokyo Techies worked closely with the Cybereason team to bring their product idea to life and spearheaded the development and design efforts of their latest SaaS offering. 

The Case

When you hear someone say, “security is a big data problem”, there’s a high chance that they’re referring to the overwhelming amount of event data and internal threat from different sources.  For example, the massive volume of data that comes from your SIEM logs, case management systems and ticketing. Additionally, the variety and velocity of the data you receive is also immense. On top of that, the veracity of data that needs to be ingested and exported, further compounds the “alert fatigue” for security analysts. 

To tackle the big data problem in security, there needs to be a data-driven approach to security operations. Cybereason aimed to tackle this issue by building a SDR solution that enabled seeing relevant data across from different endpoints, and create a continual, meaningful and usable data flow in one platform. Bringing this idea to life required significant technical expertise, and as Cybereason’s Tech Integration Partner, Tokyo Techies was involved in developing the platform from ideation until launch. 

The Results

Feasible product requirements and infrastructure design

Tokyo Techies worked closely with the Cybereason product managers to turn their ideas into feasible product requirements of the SDR platform. Upon listening to the product idea and requests for the SDR platform from the Cybereason team, the Tokyo Techies team outlined the requests and started to outline the ideas into product features, including rich data visualization features such as graphs that enables analysts to see and detect cyberthreats from different endpoints in one platform. After outlining the product requirements and functionalities, the team then started to design a secure cloud infrastructure design of the entire platform. The team also took special care in ensuring that the data compliance & security is maintained appropriately for different regions. 

Thorough UX Research

Tokyo Techies also took charge of the UI and UX design phase of the project. The team conducted a series of rigorous user interviews with potential users of the platform to make sure that all the user needs are being addressed. The results of the user interviews conducted by Tokyo Techies designers helped inform the development of the platform, ensuring its ease of use and delightful user experience. 

Product development of the platform: 

After conducting the user interviews, the Tokyo Techies team went straight to the creation of the UI design as well the development of the platform. The developers at Tokyo Techies also made sure that the development was per the designs created and that there were no missing functionalities. 

Robust pentesting & infrastructure assessments:

After developing a fully functional platform, a series of security assessments were conducted to see for the platform’s vulnerabilities. An assessment on the IT infrastructure and its APIs were also conducted to ensure that the platform was robust. Manual pen testing was also done by the team of Tokyo Techies testers, instead of automated pentesting. 

Technologies used

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