Designer & Developer Collaboration Seminar at Tokyo Techies
April 18, 2024
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

On Thursday, April 18th, 2024, Tokyo Techies held a seminar, “Mastering Designer & Developer Collaboration”. 

As part of the company’s efforts to boost knowledge-sharing activities surrounding UI/UX design and software development, the Tokyo Techies team paid it forward to the tech community by holding a seminar focusing on how designers and developers at Tokyo Techies collaborate. The seminar focused on the team’s experience in collaborating during their in-house IT consulting projects and building Klever Suite, our very own SaaS product, along with valuable tips and insights we discovered along the way. 

The event was held in person at the Tokyo Techies office in Ueno, Tokyo. This marks the second time the Tokyo Techies team held an in-person event in the office, 2 years after holding its career seminar, “Techies Talk: Scoring a Tech Job in Japan''. The team kicked off the event with a special opening delivered by the Marketing Communications Representative, Alisha Widianti at the beginning of the event, followed after the main presentation delivered by Tokyo Techies Product Designer, Riztiana ‘Tina’ Setiamurwati and Software Solution Division Lead, David Borromeo.

The event welcomed enthusiastic participants from various companies and backgrounds, from tech entrepreneurs to designers and product managers. During the main presentation, Tina and David both shared their personal experiences and tips at every stage of the design and development process, from kickoff all the way to the development. At each stage, Tina and David also shared real-life examples on how Tokyo Techies developers and designers collaborate with one another. 

Shortly after the main presentation, a panel discussion hosted by Alisha was conducted, diving deeper into the design and development process, asking questions on how to communicate best in the early stages of a project or how to minimize disruptions to workflow when mid-changes happen in the design. The Q&A session saw several participants asking detailed questions to Tina and David on the collaboration process and whether this process could be applicable to different projects running simultaneously, among the questions asked. The event concluded with an hour-long networking session amongst the attendees and the Tokyo Techies team. The Tokyo Techies members and event participants mingled together while enjoying complimentary pizza and beverages. 

Through this event, Tokyo Techies was able to connect with the tech community in Tokyo at large and we truly look forward to holding another  event in the foreseeable future. Stay tuned for more! 

Learn more about our IT consulting services from our webpage and our latest SaaS product, Klever Suite on our new landing page.

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