Tokyo Techies Unveils “Klever Suite”, new productivity SaaS for faster teamwork
Product Launch
August 22, 2023
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

TOKYO, Aug. 22nd 2023 - Tokyo Techies, an IT consulting services firm based in Tokyo, announced the new launch of Klever Suite, a remote-friendly digital workspace that streamlines team-wide collaboration for greater productivity. Klever Suite includes three apps: Klever Project, Klever Wiki, and Klever ToDo in one solution, making it easy for teams to create, store, collaborate and share all kinds of work in one place.  With Klever Suite, teams can work on multiple projects, manage tasks, and create Wiki docs easily. The launch of Klever Suite ushers a new era for Tokyo Techies’ beyond IT consulting services and into a new world of software.

Meet Klever Suite: The smarter way to work.

“Productivity tools like Nulab’s Backlog, Atlassian’s JIRA and Confluence have been instrumental in accelerating collaboration for teams everywhere”, expressed Tokyo Techies CEO Duc Doba. “But as businesses rely on multiple productivity tools, many challenges also arise – soaring costs, little team-wide visibility and technical customization. When everything you are working on exists in one space – your projects, tasks, and docs – you are making work more visible and accessible for your teams, leading to faster collaboration and greater productivity”, he added. “That’s why Klever Suite exists as your productivity workspace for teams of any size to get their work done. Our measurable pricing eliminates hidden costs and depending on business needs, our team can support you with dedicated Klever Suite features.” 

Klever Project Kanban Board

Key features of Klever Suite include:

  • Interconnected apps in one productivity suite
  • A flexible Kanban board for simple and complex projects of any size, with Scrum project features available in Klever Project
  • Create and collaborate on Wiki docs in real time with teams in Klever Wiki 
  • See all tasks you’re working on and focus on high priority action items with Klever ToDo
  • Experience beautiful user interface and in-app user experience
  • Straightforward security clearances that simplifies managing team’s access to edit a project or a Wiki doc
  • Integrations with Slack and GitHub is available
  • Data migration from Confluence to Klever Suite is supported
  • App language in Japanese and English

Klever ToDo: Master ToDo Feature
Klever Wiki Docs

Pricing and Availability:

  • Klever Suite is available in three plans: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise
  • Free trial is available, including a 3 months free trial for our Premium plan.
  • Measurable pricing, with no hidden fees for additional plugins.
  • Klever Suite standard plan with fixed features is available for $7 per user / month when billed yearly
  • Klever Suite premium plan with deluxe features is available for $10 per user / month when billed yearly
  • Additional plan information is available here.

Klever Suite is available today featuring Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans, with a three months trial of Klever Suite available for Premium plan users. Learn more here

Tokyo Techies is commemorating the new SaaS launch with ‘From Idea to Launch: Bootstrapped SaaS With Success’, an exclusive event at WeWork Iceberg, Harajuku held on Thursday, 24th August 2023 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The keynote speaker, Tokyo Techies COO Ujjwal Mishra will be sharing the firm’s product development journey, from building  and launching its very first bootstrapped SaaS product followed up with a special Q&A and networking session for the attendees.

About Tokyo Techies:

Since 2017, Tokyo Techies has been providing top-notch IT consulting services to startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in Japan such as SoftBank, WeWork Japan, Airweave, MeeTruck, Tabist, and more. Tokyo Techies specializes in IT product development (SaaS, web and mobile applications, etc.), AI R&D, IT due diligence, and cybersecurity. Klever Suite is the new productivity solution developed by Tokyo Techies, designed to streamline collaboration and teamwork for greater productivity.

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