Tokyo Techies Holds Agile Project Management Seminar
December 1, 2023
Written by:
Alisha Widianti

On Wednesday, November 29th, 2023, Tokyo Techies held an in-person seminar, “Agile Project Management In Action.” 

As part of our efforts to pay it forward and connect with other professionals in the tech community, Tokyo Techies held a seminar on implementing agile project management methodologies in consulting projects. The event was held in person at WeWork Ark Hills South, Roppongi, and welcomed participants from various companies and roles, from sales representatives to IT managers. 

Our speaker, Agata Yoshinori, discussed the differences between scrum, kanban, and waterfall project management during the event. He also shared Tokyo Techies' unique approach to project management in our IT consulting projects, where we often use a hybrid agile approach that combines the Waterfall project management style and Scrum methodologies. One of the main takeaways from the presentation was also sharing the challenges our team faced with the tools we were using, which led to the development of the Klever Suite, an integrated workspace that allows teams of any size to collaborate on tasks, projects, and Wiki docs in one place.

After the main presentation, Tokyo Techies CEO Duc Doba delivered an exclusive live demo of Klever Suite, featuring its extensive features. The demo consisted of unique use cases of leveraging Klever Suite for managing software development projects in Scrum and managing an HR recruitment workflow using Kanban, showing the versatility of Klever Suite across different use cases. ‍The event ended with an hour-long networking session. Tokyo Techies members and event participants interacted with each other while enjoying food and beverages.

Tokyo Techies is dedicated to giving back to the tech community by sharing our insights and expertise in various IT fields, including AI, product development, startup insights, and bootstrapping our very own SaaS. 

To learn more about Klever Suite, please visit our landing page at 

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