Japanese logistics companies are still relying on legacy systems in their operations, resulting in long and inefficient workflows. To solve this problem, MeeTruck aims to build a nation-wide Transportation Management System (TMS). As their trusted IT partner, Tokyo Techies built a robust and scalable SaaS that is now being used by logistics companies all across Japan as part of digitalizing and simplifying their day-to-day processes.

The Case

The logistics industry in Japan is at a crossroads. An intensifying demand for lower cost shipping and a worsening labor shortage are pushing logistics companies to minimize operational fees and boost productivity.

A major bottleneck in the industry is the fact that logistics companies’ fleet and driver management processes are still heavily reliant on outdated methods such as using spreadsheets, printed forms, and fax, resulting in long and inefficient workflows. As a result, there is plenty of time, resources, and labor wasted.

MeeTruck Corp, a joint venture between SoftBank Group and Nippon Express Group,  aims to solve this problem through digital transformation. By creating a comprehensive Transportation Management System (TMS) that integrates all internal logistics operations into a single digital platform, MeeTruck aims to simplify and advance the Japanese logistics industry.

The Tokyo Techies team was introduced to the project just three months before the official establishment of MeeTruck Corp in April 2020. After going through a high-level explanation of the product concept and market objectives, our team realized that it will be an exciting but also a very challenging project. Not only was it the first time we have ever dealt with a project of such scale and scope, but there was also a very tight deadline that we had to keep.

The Results

In just five months, Tokyo Techies have finished building a robust fully-functioning SaaS with both web and mobile support that is ready to be used nationwide.

Integrating the processes of dispatchers, truck drivers, accountants, and administrators into one application, the MeeTruck SaaS is the optimal digital transformation solution for all internal logistics operations.

The software allows dispatchers to easily input delivery information such as customer name, destination, and departure time into a centralized database. They can then assign the deliveries to available drivers in the dispatch screen with just a simple drag-and-drop. The dispatch screen features a smart timetable that shows the status of all drivers and deliveries, making tracking delivery progress a breeze.

On the other end, drivers can check their daily schedule and deliveries through their smartphones, complete with all essential details from the dispatcher. The software also includes a messaging feature which allows dispatchers and drivers to communicate any relevant inquiries and updates

Aside from scheduling, the MeeTruck SaaS allows easy checking of profit earned from each delivery through the profit inquiry feature. It also allows the management of claims reports.

The growth of e-commerce and a shortage of drivers is a growing problem for Japanese companies, who may find it difficult to secure transport for their cargo. To tackle this problem, the MeeTruck SaaS also includes an AI-powered service that matches companies looking for available transport  with logistics companies with idle trucks to rent. Complete with a chat messaging feature, both companies can easily negotiate delivery details within the application itself.

Technologies used

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