Airweave is an innovative mattress brand that specializes in mattresses with no springs or foam. The Airweave team wanted to elevate their brand experience by creating an intuitive and insightful mobile app that helps customers understand their sleep habits, sleep quality, and suggest the right Airweave mattress for their body type. As their trusted IT partner, Tokyo Techies collaborated closely with the Airweave team to bring their product idea to life and build an app that Airweave customers love, in 6 months. 

The Case

Creating delightful brand experiences helps customers connect better with your brand and your products. One of the ways some brands can connect with their customers in the digital space is to build an app tied to their brand. The Airweave team set out to further improve their brand experience by developing an intuitive and easy to use sleep-tracking app that their customers will enjoy. The Airweave team needed technical support to develop the app from scratch and ensure the app’s usability, user experience, and secure infrastructure. Tokyo Techies was introduced to the new project of developing the sleep tracking app.

The Results

In 6 months, the Tokyo Techies team were able to develop a fully functioning sleep-tracker app. Airweave’s new mobile app is available in both iOS and Android, features unique functionalities including Smart alarms, true visualization of user’s sleep data, and multilingual features. With Smart alarms, the Airweave app assists users to intuitively wake up during the hours of their light sleep in the morning, in addition to the traditional alarm features. Users can also see their sleep quality score calculated by AI using data from the phone’s sensors.

Additionally, they can track average sleep duration (daily, weekly, monthly and annually), number of wake-ups, as well as record pre-sleep activities, which all add to monitoring the overall sleep behavior. Users can evaluate their current sleep habits and gain in-depth insights based on the reports available on the app, from daily reports to monthly reports. The app also features in-app notifications, allowing the Airweave team to connect with their users immediately and deliver relevant information and messages at once.  

Our team ensured the app’s robust infrastructure, to ensure its widespread use and ability to collect and process large amounts of data. Additionally, our team also implemented an AI recommendation engine in the Airweave app that helps suggest the most suitable mattress for the user’s body feature. The AI recommendation engine is included in the app’s integration with Airweave’s product, MattressFit, a platform that helps users measure their body data with images and recommends the best Airweave mattress for the user’s body type. This unique integration further strengthens and delights the customer’s experience with the Airweave brand and its products. After developing the app, the Tokyo Techies team also actively performed maintenance and updates to Airweave’s app to ensure its operations. 

Technologies used

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