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An SEO-optimized and user-friendly website is critical for generating valuable leads. With the right incentives, these leads turn into sales and revenue. WeWork Japan wanted to further improve its site’s performance and user experience by fully redesigning its website. As their trusted IT partner, Tokyo Techies developed and re-designed WeWork Japan’s existing website, executed site migration, and implemented site security measures as part of their digital marketing strategy.

The Case

Nowadays, a digital presence, from websites to social media channels, is the bare minimum for any modern business. Websites are the focal point of any business’s online channel, and the average time users spend on a website is less than 15 seconds – that's how short you have to capture a user’s attention. 

An SEO-optimized and user-friendly website is critical to creating a positive digital experience for your customers and generating valuable leads. With the right incentives, leads turn into sales and revenue. Naturally, having limited website functionalities like hard-to-use navigation menus or a lack of user-friendly features are significant dealbreakers. 

WeWork Japan wanted to revamp its online presence by improving its website. WeWork Japan wanted a better performing, secure, and user-friendly website with a higher click-through rate (CTR). They had also planned a domain migration to a new website URL to be more coherent with the global WeWork brand.

The Tokyo Techies team was introduced to the project early on, as WeWork Japan’s CEO Johnny Yoo was aware of our CEO Duc Doba’s and Tokyo Techies’ team's technical expertise. After understanding the high-level requirements of WeWork Japan’s new website, Tokyo Techies' product design and software development team were excited to take on the new challenge and adhere to the project’s tight deadlines. 

The Results

Tokyo Techies and WeWork Japan worked closely to design and develop their new website. By communicating and collaborating closely (using tools like Slack and Klever Suite), Tokyo Techies could involve WeWork Japan in every step and align to produce the best website.

In just three months, Tokyo Techies successfully designed and developed WeWork Japan’s new website and migrated from their old website domain to a new domain. 

User-friendly Site Design and Navigation

Before the development process, the Tokyo Techies design team conducted rigorous UX research with the WeWork Japan team to understand the current website’s pain points. 

Upon getting critical insights from WeWork Japan, the Tokyo Techies team strategized potential ways of improvement and incorporated the new ideas into the proposed design concepts. 

The results were an aesthetically pleasing site design that Japanese and global users would love, along with stunning site visuals that matched the WeWork global brand. 

WeWork Japan's New Website designed by Tokyo Techies
WeWork Japan's New Locations Search Page Design

SEO Optimized Website 

Domain migrations are generally known to pose the most significant risk to SEO if not done correctly. For example, changing your domain name from www.oldsite.com to www.newsite.com means that every URL, including your homepage, will also change. Additionally, WeWork Japan’s new site had design, content, and structural changes, making it a very high-risk assessment. 

The Tokyo Techies team set proper URL redirects by creating a non-complex URL directory structure and format. We also implemented proper alt-text to all images to improve site accessibility and utilized webp photos to improve the site’s loading speed. We considered other SEO considerations throughout the development process, such as the site infrastructure, cache mechanisms, and the Lighthouse score, an open-source, automated auditing tool used to improve the quality of web pages.

We also implemented a headless content management system (CMS), separating the presentation layer where content is presented from the backend, where content is managed. This approach significantly improved the site’s speed and SEO, allowing WeWork Japan‘s marketing and development teams to create robust metadata, customized URLs, thoughtful canonical tags, and proper markups and launch new content campaigns faster than before. 

Highly Secure Website

Aside from SEO and design, the Tokyo Techies team also conducted cybersecurity penetration tests on WeWork Japan’s website to ensure the new site was secure. Another site security measure, WAF (Web Application Firewall), a set of security rules that detects and blocks many attack patterns, was implemented in the website. 

With this implementation, WeWork Japan’s site is protected from potential attacks such as cross-site forgery, scripting, file inclusion, and more. 

The Tokyo Techies team is still working with WeWork Japan to implement other site enhancements, such as the new website’s maintainability and CMS usability for WeWork Japan’s marketing team.

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