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IT due diligence (ITDD) is an in-depth audit of a tech company's products/services and IT capabilities. It is a necessary procedure to be done when considering a significant transaction with a tech company, whether it is an investment, purchase, merger, or acquisition. In case a ITDD is not conducted, there can be serious consequences during the transition, such as lack of synergy post M&A, unexpected cashout or even a closedown, causing a serious and unrecoverable loss.

Tokyo Techies provides a comprehensive IT Due Diligence process to quickly identify crucial IT issues before tackling them to limit and diminish further problems down the road. We bring in our extensive experience based on a wide range of projects, thereby ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Tokyo Techies takes a holistic approach to IT Due Diligence, ensuring all key risk areas are assessed thoroughly. Not only do we focus on evaluating the existing IT infrastructure, but also put equal emphasis on potential issues that might occur during transition and post-transition processes.

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Our IT Due Diligence focuses on the following:
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IT Infrastructure

Does the architecture and infrastructure in place support current operations as well as future extensions?

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People & SDLC

Does the organizational structure possess the competences to support and grow business operations?

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IT Processes & Security

Is there quality IT documentation and what security measures are in place?

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Strategy & Roadmap

Is the technical strategy aligned with overall business strategy and what are the specifics of plans for future offerings?

IT Due Diligence Process

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・Clarifying objectives, scope of work, and expected deliverables (e.g. due diligence report, suggested short-term action plan, etc.)
・Contract settlement
・Early support in revising the terms by adding requirements for technical due diligence

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Information Gathering

・Create a list of items to be confirmed with the seller’s engineering team
・Propose possible solutions when not all information can be provided
・Work with key stakeholders to gather detailed information

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・Online/offline interviews with PICs to gain more in-depth knowledge
・Understand current state of IT capabilities
・Conduct scalability and risk analysis
・Instant feedback to the client regarding critical issues, which are critical to update milestones accordingly

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・Establish the final report
・Highlight the important issues and risks
・Suggest short-term/long-term actions post M&A.

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