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At a time when smartphones are indispensable, mobile apps are the best way to deliver services and solutions to a wide audience.

The first and perhaps most important step in developing a successful mobile app to choose its type and platform. Tokyo Techies can help pick and develop the best type of mobile app to fit your idea and budget to ensure an efficient and cost-effective solution.
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Software engineers at Tokyo Techies are experienced in developing the following mobile apps:
mobile web apps

Mobile Web Apps

Built using the HTML/CSS/JavaScript language, Mobile Web Apps are applications that are run and accessed through a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari.
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Native Apps

The Native App is the most common type of Mobile App. It is built exclusively — or “natively” — for specific operating systems, hence its name. Native Apps are developed native programming languages such as Swift (iOS) or Java/Kotlin (Android).
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Hybrid Apps

Utilizing the React Native and Flutter framework, Hybrid Apps are basically developed using Mobile Web App technology and are packaged into a Native application. Hybrid Apps behave like Native Apps, and so are able to access device features like the camera, microphone, or push notifications.
Person using a web application to improve productivity at work and business

Web App

Web Apps utilize web technology and web browsers to deliver software applications over the internet. Web Apps are usually coded with browser-supported language such as JavaScript and HTML. Its versatility and accessibility makes it an attractive choice for a software application.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are web apps that meet specific criteria that makes for a more seamless user experience. PWAs are installable and can work without no or slow internet connection. They are also designed to work on any device with a browser, whether it is a tablet, desktop, smartphone or smart TVs.
Person interacting with a mobile app on a tablet
Person interacting with a smartwatch equipped in the hand


Tokyo Techies can develop applications specifically for wearable technology, particularly smart watches, regardless of platform (Android, iOS) and maker.

Embedded Software and IoT

Embedded software that are personalized applications developed specifically for hardware and non-PC devices that may make up an IoT ecosystem. Tokyo Techies has been developing systems for numerous embedded devices and IoT.
Man interacting with embedded software in a car stereo system

App Development Process

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Product Strategy

Whether you want to revamp an existing product or develop a new one from scratch, we help shape your product strategy by aligning with your business goals.

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We will verify the concept for your product in a real environment by building a PoC within a very short period of time.

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Full Cycle Development

After verification, we transform your idea into reality by designing and developing your product, no matter the number of functionalities you prefer and the platform you want it to run on.

SaaS Development

Bringing Japanese Logistics Towards
the Future

MeeTruck (SoftBank Group and Nippon Express Group)
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Japanese logistics companies are still heavily paper-based in their operations, resulting in long and inefficient workflows. To solve this problem, MeeTruck aims to build a nation-wide Transportation Management System (TMS). As their trusted IT partner, Tokyo Techies built a robust and scalable SaaS that is now being used by logistics companies all across Japan as part of digitalizing and simplifying their day-to-day processes.

Technologies used

kubernetes logoTypescript logopython logoAmazon web services logodatadog logoGolang logoTwilio logosalesforce logo
meetruck screenshot

System Migration

Apartment Rental

Oyo Japan and KC Technologies
Technical Due Diligence
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Oyo Japan decided to sell its apartment rental brand Oyo Life to KC Technologies. Tokyo Techies took charge in supporting both parties to evaluate the existing infrastructure of the property management platform, addressing all technical challenges, and developing a plan for system migration and maintenance.

Technologies used

kubernetes logojs logopython logoaws logoSwift logoNode JS logoTwilio logo
Oyo Japan sells Oyo Life service to KC Technologies


Bringing Security to Crypto Trading

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
White-box Penetration Testing
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The client developed a cryptocurrency exchange platform, with high liquidity as well as plenty of functional features. The Exchange supported both spot and leverage exchange, with a leverage ratio up to 200 times that of Bitmex. Specifically, its Circuit mode was also encrypted in the exchange, together with 2-layer and 3-layer security, hot wallet and cold wallet were made available to serve users’ diverse needs.

Tokyo Techies conducted a comprehensive penetration testing and code review of the client’s system (cloud infrastructure, web, mobile, and blockchain wallet system respectively) in just 14 days and identified all the possible holes that could make the system vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Technologies used

  • owasp logo 1
  • burpsuite
  • python logo
Screen showing a cryptocurrency exchange
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